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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Smoking is allowed!

Smoking is allowed!!! Huh? Read the cartoon below.

Laughter is the best medicine. ^^

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Snow in Mannheim


6am, it was snowing in Mannheim, when i finally woke up to get myself to study. But the view outside my room window caught my attention. It is snowing! At the 1st glance, i thought that it is a frost, so i quickly went downstairs and went outside to test the white snow. Yes, it was indeed snow, and the snow particle was flying gracefully. Finally, the hottest place in Baden-Wuerttemberg is getting the snow blessing. Just a few days before, some people were speculating that there will be probably no snow at all in Mannheim until March, since Mannheim is considerably a warm city.

Just a few days ago, Stuttgard is snowing blizzardly and some accidents do happen. Yet, Mannheim keeps herself busy with cold wind. Cold wind instead of snowing, irony huh?

1st Snow in Mannheim starts at midnight (around 2am in the early morning) and ends around 9am.

by king ung

The Jungbusch bridge and the Rhein-Neckar river.

Sad, the snow is starting to melt. Snowman, where are you?

Further reading:
PARIS : Snowstorms have swept across west and central Europe for a second day, killing three people in Germany, disrupting air traffic and leaving dozens of drivers trapped on freezing, log-jammed roads.

Germany: The German victims were a 70-year-old bus driver killed in a head-on collision with a truck in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and another motorist in a car accident in the same southwestern state, while a 50-year-old motorist who crashed into road barrier in neighbouring Bavaria.

A Piccadilly line underground train crawls along the snow-covered tracks.

Thousand of air passengers were forced to spend the night at Stuttgart airport after snow closed down the runway, while flights to and from Munich, the Bavarian capital, were also disrupted on Wednesday.

The sudden wintry snap, which follows a period of unseasonably warm weather across Europe, left southern Germany coated in up to 10 centimetres of white, with more snow expected until Saturday.

A person walks in the snow in the street of Geneva , Switzerland

Europe traffic: Prague airport, the busiest in Central Europe, was closed by heavy snowfall early on Wednesday and was not expected to reopen before 4:00 pm (1500 GMT), while traffic was disrupted throughout the country.

There were minor disruptions at London airports, with 16 short-haul flights cancelled, including 13 at Heathrow, due to wintry conditions, as well as multiple disruptions on the London Underground.

Some 32 European flights were cancelled in Switzerland at Zurich-Kloten airport Wednesday morning, with delays on many long-haul flights.

A dozen short-haul incoming and outgoing flights were also cancelled at Rome-Fiumicino airport in Italy, where there was heavy snowfall in the north of the country as well as violent winds.

Austria: Traffic chaos gripped southern Austria, where dozens of drivers spent a freezing night at the wheel, trapped in an eight-kilometre tailback caused by lorries blocking the road.

Power was cut to around 12,000 Austrian homes, with repair works seriouly disrupted by the risk of falling trees, according to the Carinthian energy provider Kelag, which said power should be restored by Wednesday evening.

Several roads and a highway in Carinthia were also closed due to the snow, while several families had to be evacuated from their homes because of the threat from falling trees.

Spain: Heavy snowfall in Spain caused the closure of a northern motorway linking the Basque coast to Pamplona, as well as several dozen mountain roads.

France: In France, the situation slowly returned to normal on the Paris-Lyon motorway Wednesday morning, after traffic was cut in both directions, leaving around 6,000 motorists stranded into the night.

Around 600 people who were still stuck as night fell were provided with emergency shelter in the nearby towns of Auxerre, Avallon and Sens, while a few dozen decided to stick it out in highway service stations.

Around 80,000 French homes were still without power on Wednesday, mostly in remote rural parts of the central Auvergne and Limousin regions, hardest bit by the sudden burst of wintry weather.

The state power provider EDF was unable to say when the situation would be back to normal, with power lines cut by falling trees or simply by the weight of the snow.

Denmark: Heavy snowfall caused little disruption across Scandinavia, although it was at the root of a 50-car pile up on a motorway south of Copenhagen in Denmark, where no casualties were reported.

On a brighter note, the snowstorms were welcome relief to dozens of ski resorts in the French and Swiss Alps, many of which had been unable to open for the season for lack of snow.

- AFP/de (24/1/2007)

Friday, January 26, 2007

HD DVD vs Blu-ray: Power of Porn industry

I just find this amazing video clip on CNET. Have fun watching this videa clip. The power of Porn industry in deciding our future CD format.

Cnet: Power Of Porn Industry

Caution: Minor exotic element on this video clip.

Problem Fix: If you have hard time connecting to this video clip, you can copy and paste the link above or here: http://www.cnettv.com/9710-1_53-25822.html This will fix the problem mostly. Thank Michael for pointing this technical problem out.

If problem stills exist, contact me and let see what we can do.

Monday, January 22, 2007


- 李寻欢
Translation: A dead man can't speak, but he can tell.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Losing is Winning

Ever wonder about your life? All the challenge in your life? All the competition you fought so far & all the outcome? We are the competitors as well as the audience in our life.

If you are the audience, well, lose and win doesn't affect you too much, it is just another person' lost. Maybe you feel even better & satisfied when you see the person your supported defeated his or her opponent(s). But, if you are the defeated opponent in the competition you followed so much, what will you do? What will happen?

Or do you ever join a competition? It is a tasty fruit to win the competition, but if you lose? Will the burden of losing affecting you greatly? How many time have you lost?

YA! It is about losing. Losing is not a monster, we have to confront lose, not by avoiding it, instead face it with courage. If we keep ourself from avoiding lose, we may not know our weakness at all, why we have lost. Then, daydreaming is a better solution.

A high soaring person who never has been defeated, will he be able to acknowledge his defeat and come back to fight? Is losing such a scary situation? Losing doesn't mean you will ever been defeated, yet it is just a process. Winning or losing is only a process. Nobody can forever stand taller than anyone else. When we know how to lose, then we already know how to win next race.

Therefore, losing a race will be a better solution sometimes. Knowing your weakness, yet still can enjoy the process, that is losing with honour.

i can't help when reading this newspaper article, losing sometimes is good. I doubt myself, whether i can admit my defeat, if i really come to that day. Lee Chong Wei lose his Malaysian Badminton Open (20/1/2007). Best wish to Chong Wei, as he continues to bring glory to country. Losing makes him see clearer than anyone else.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kiwi's Dream - Just Do It!

i have came across this video in Youtube. It is an animation about a Kiwi (a bird that can't fly), which has a dream that one day it can fly in the sky. This animation has been awarded with 16 Youtube honours and is 1 of the Youtube's Greatest Hits. Having fun watch the video clip. Enjoy!

- Animation:

little info about the creater of "Kiwi!"
- name: Dony Permedi
- Kiwi! is his Master Thesis Animation
- other Animation: Pony

for more information, you can visit his interview by ISFAT.

Lesson: Nobody can't stop you from achieving your dream & goal, unless you are stopping yourself from achieving it.


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Pickpocket vs Malaysia

just want to share this moment of thought with you, courtesy of my friends in Japan.

"...... I just came back from the graduation party for seniors.

In the graduation party, at usual, there were some performance going on. Performers made funny performance or created some funny story in order to gain the laughters. Well, this is Japanese style.

In the last performance, on the stage, one of the performer, Mr A, said that he knew how to handle with the "pickpocketing". There were hundreds of student at the party watching the performance. Then, the performer asked the other one, Mr.B to "pretend" to steal the wallet from him. As the Mr.B "is stealing" the wallet, Mr.A shouted---"Malaysia". ??????????????

Huh? What does this do with how to deal with pickpocket?? I think there is nothing to do with. Mr A just wanted to hold Malaysia up to ridicule.

At that time, my Loas friend look at me for a few seconds to see my reaction, to look whether I am angry. Even though I was angry but struggled to make a slight smile on my face ......"
End of thought.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wind over 105 MPH!

Today, blessed with 14°c of warmth during the winter season, the day makes his landing by blowing strongly.

Noisy old television is trying his best to report this strange phenomenon, but his audience has turned him down.

A girl just passes by...... without looking back =.= i just continue walking towards my destination.

The night is coming, and she requests her playful wind brother to continue playing with her, as she is lonely tonight. Watching through my room window, they seem to be happily strolling along the city street.

This chapter of moment is encoded by an unusual windy day.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stand Alone Complex

While originally intended to underscore the dilemmas and concerns that people would face if they relied too heavily on the new communications infrastructure, Stand Alone Complex eventually came to represent a phenomenon where unrelated, yet very similar actions of individuals create a seemingly concerted effort.

It has ties to social theory, as illustrated in the work of Frederic Jameson and Masachi Osawa.

By exploiting the mechanism of information transmission in society, one could achieve a very efficient and subtle thought control. Indeed, since people tend to modify slightly the information(and forget when it came from) in the processes of consumption (or appropriation), it becomes difficult to sort genuine ideas from modified, implanted, ones.

It happens everydays, right?

My 1st Blog starts with Stand Alone Complex definition, which will be my center idea of blog, the way of my blogging, my blogging sense, and afterall, it is my 1st blog! ^^v

Credit: Ghost in the Shell, Wikipedia

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