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Friday, September 28, 2007

Wah 12 hours at KLIA is so tiring...!

As the title said, 12 hours at KLIA is too tiring. The Banner said:" Connect to the world@FREE", but i can't login to my msn messenger.

It is just too tiring. i want to meet some friends, want to 'kap lui' liao..., want to finish my 'gong pia' and wish that i can pass by the KLIA wireless internet network.

Ok, back to usual routine. A internet world without instant messenger-ing.

Thursday, September 20, 2007



蟑螂姐弟第一次出去见世面,没多久,蟑螂姐姐哭着回来对蟑螂爸爸说:“爸,为什么大家都叫我 ‘害...虫’呜呜呜呜...”

蟑螂弟弟很晚才回来,一到家就很高兴得说:“大家都很热情呢!” 蟑螂爸爸纳闷的问:“此话怎讲?” 蟑螂弟弟说:“大家看到我都说‘嗨...虫!’”




害 虫 与 嗨 虫 只在一念之间,是否乐观积极地去面对人生的每个挑战,很多时候将决定一个人的成败。

节选 于 东方日报 方圆阵 2007年九月二十日
报道 梁志华
编改 冥王星

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Germalaysiany Editor Pick

Germalaysiany 部落格 Editor Pick!

Click the icon above to have a full story about "MIFC (Malaysia International Fireworks Competition) 2007 "

Click the icon above to have a summary about the movie "不能說的秘密 (Secret)" in Chinese.

Click the icon above to read about the German Cuisine - "Pig Knuckle ♦ 德国咸猪手 ♦ Schweinshaxe"

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Food-dish-li-cious Sweet Sour Pork!

Click the icon above to read how to cook a Food-dish-li-cious "Sweet Sour Pork"

p/s: My friends and I (Kedou, PuPuCow, King) are launching a new lifestyle theme blog and i will update the Editor's Pick irregularly.

pp/s: Feel free to visit my site: Stand Alone Complex-ing and simply just bookmark Germalaysiany to have regular pleasure reading. Have fun.

ppp/s: RSS it is even better! Don't know how to use RSS? What is RSS? Looking forwards to my next lesson on: RSS, can i eat it?

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